Our Mission

          To promote the transition to clean EV transportation in the Tampa Bay area through education and advocacy.  


There are many reasons to make the switch.  

Electric Vehicles are: 





Essential to fight the Climate Crisis. 

The most obvious benefit of EVs is that electric cars produce significantly fewer emissions than fossil fuel cars. This helps reduce air pollution and it will be critical to mitigate climate change. According to the World Resources Institute, "the top three greenhouse gas emitters — China, the European Union and the United States — contribute 41.5% of total global emissions." In the U.S. Transportation is the largest source of GHG emissions. Switching to EVs we could make a significant dent on those figures. 

Protect our most vulnerable communities. 

Minority and economically disadvantaged communities are disproportionately harmed by fossil fuel vehicle pollution. They deserve cleaner air. Electric transportation generates no harmful emissions. Inclusive Electric Transportation policies hold the key to significantly reducing pollution in many of our communities.



Easier and cheaper to maintain. 

Electric vehicles have significantly fewer engine parts. They require no oil changes. Thanks to regenerative braking, they have less brake wear. They have no transmission belts to replace. All this adds up to having lower maintenance and repair costs than their fossil fuel powered counterparts, less time in the shop and more durability.

Cheaper overall

Studies consistently show that total ownership cost of electric vehicles is already lower than that of comparable fossil fuel models.

Fun to drive

EVs provide the responsiveness of an electric motor. With instant torque, you have peak power since the moment you put your foot down on the pedal. The battery provides them with a low center of gravity, ensuring a smooth, quiet drive. Most EVs are outfitted with automated assist features that make them easy to drive.



 We help to educate consumers and local businesses on why it is important to switch to electric vehicles through:

  • EV shows
  • Drive and Ride events
  • Presentations
  • Individual Q&A



We seek the support of local authorities, Chambers of Commerce and businesses to:

  • Facilitate the deployment of Charging Stations
  • Adapt local building codes to the needs of this new technology
  • Implement Clean Public Transportation
  • Take other steps that will promote the swift transition to clean transportation